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We help our clients work better.

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We help our clients heal better.

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We help our clients educate better.

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We help our clients govern better.

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We help our clients build better.


We believe that intentional environments allow people, teams and businesses to reach their greater potential.

Corporate Environments is a team of individuals who believe environments influence the culture of organizations. We believe an environment is more than the sum of its surroundings, more than a collection of objects filling a space. Environments hold power; they give life and birth ideas. Environments are the catalyst of culture—that’s why we challenge methodology and strive to improve everything around us. It is why we define ourselves as problem solvers dedicated to providing solutions. Simply put, we leverage our experience to create yours.

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Featured Products

We’re proud to carry products from this internationally recognized company that seeks to create workplace furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure.

Standing for “Doing It Right This Time,” DIRTT has innovative architectural solutions that help create responsive, sustainable, and unique workspaces.

We work in your industry:


Drawing on more than 25 years experience, Corporate Environments brings a unique, knowledgeable team to the corporate sector of design and workplace strategy. Leveraging the partnerships we have with our manufacturers we believe our product solutions provide our clients with the most innovative products to meet their specific needs.

Through extensive research and experience, we work with organizations of all sizes to solve their needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional workplace environment or an open-plan collaborative workspace we partner with you to find the best solution to support your dynamic activities and needs in the modern office environment.

Our team of designers and sales associates guides you to the best solutions that reflect the needs and goals of your organization. The goal is to help you thrive in your workspace by offering our expertise and comprehensive product portfolio.

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Creating comforting and functional space is the key in to designing a healthcare environment. Our healthcare team works diligently to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals while maintaining a place where patients and families feel calm and welcomed.

We strive to help doctors, nurses and clinicians care and heal for their patients better while enhancing the overall environment. Relying on our experience and industry research, our team provides insight and solutions to help our healthcare clients focus less on creating an environment and more on what they do best; provide care.

Corporate Environments provides a comprehensive portfolio of, high quality, durable product offerings will support the hardworking healthcare environment. Our goal is to help you create an environment that enhances your overall experience promoting healing, compassion and connection.

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Education is the foundation of our future, and we strive to help our education partners create inspiring environments for the generations to come. Corporate Environments offers superior, enduring and attractive product solutions that have stood the test of time in the education market.

Utilizing our expertise, our team works closely with our clients to help find the best solution to inspire a welcoming, comfortable environment that encourages focus as well as collaboration. The goal for us is to help create a space that supports students and faculty to think both critically and creatively.

Our expensive portfolio of products allows our clients to create flexible spaces that perform well over time while still maintaining a responsible budget. We invest in our resources to help support our future leaders, doctors, educators and coworkers.

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Corporate Environments understands the special focus and needs of our federal, state and local governments. We have a team of individuals who specialize in supporting our government agencies and partners.

GSA is an integral part of our business and we have dedicated resources and team members to providing full-service support to our GSA clients.

Corporate Environments holds a GSA services contract for all services that we offer in addition to the countless GSA approved manufacturers we partner with to create a comprehensive solution. Our product solutions are durable and reliable providing a sound, responsible investment of your resources. Corporate Environments’ collective experience and insight allow our team to provide the best solution while stewarding the resources available.

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Architectural Solutions

In today’s world we are constantly playing a game against the clock. No matter what industry or profession, time is the limited resource that cannot be replaced. More often than not, the construction industry is faced with tight timelines. We have partnered with manufacturers that we believe can help revolutionize the construction market, helping clients and contractors to become more efficient and profitable through our modular construction solutions.

Our partners have found a way to help create timesaving solutions from both fabrication and installation while simultaneously reducing waste and negative impacts on the environment. We are able to offer a full solution to the construction of environments from flooring to walls, power and data, millwork and anything in between.

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The workplace is where individuals spend a majority of their time during the week. Today’s workforce is looking for employers that offer a holistic sense of well-being to their employees. This sense of well-being is made up of several components: physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization. In prior years well-being was often looked at simply as ergonomics, but research shows that it is much more. From the above components that Knoll’s research team has define...

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The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently named Corporate Environments one of the Top 10 largest women-owned firms in Georgia. Among many submissions Corporate Environments rose to the #10 spot – up from last year's rank of #14. Each year the Atlanta Business Chronicle highlights companies in various categories, which is culminated in its annual publication the Book of Lists. The ranking of companies is based upon annual companywide revenue. Corporate Environments was honored to be among...

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Last week we hosted our annual Block Party with our clients, colleagues and industry partners.  We had a blast sharing the latest introductions and designs from NeoCon.  Our hope is that we were able to provide an inviting atmosphere and to help inspire future projects. There were many highlights and favorites from the bacon and blue cheese appetizers to caricatures created on glass samples from Clarus and innovative product prototypes brought in just for the event.  We are thankful to hav...

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  As part of our corporate community outreach we recently participated in American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, raising awareness and funds to help save lives from cancer. We love the opportunity to give back to our community and this organization is near and dear to many of our employees. Relay For Life, overnight fundraising walk, helps fund local programs and services for patients and families, rides to and from cancer treatment and much more. Our goal was to raise $5000 ...

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DIRTT released an exciting new video that details Mammoet’s client experience while working with DIRTT to plan, design and install their new Eastern North American Office. Mammoet is a fascinating company that specializes in moving gigantic structures, equipment, materials – you name it, they can move it. Needless to say, their high engineering standards demanded no less than the very best engineered solution for their office space. Mammoet’s unique challenge is rooted in the global...

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