The MillerKnoll Story

History of Herman Miller

100 years ago, Herman Miller was born into a company that put emphasizes on great design, the environment, community service, health and the well-being of customers and employees.  The company’s innovative, problem-solving designs and furnishings have inspired the best in people wherever they live, work, learn, heal, and play.

History of Knoll

Founded in 1938, Knoll has been an international leader in utilizing the power of modern design to create environments where people aspire to work. Florence Schust was the starter of the idea of the modern office and pioneered the interior design profession.

Introducing MillerKnoll

Herman Miller and Knoll have continued with complementary approaches to making products for people in all places. These two design brands have been traveling alongside one another and intersecting for over 100 years. Herman Miller and Knoll’s shared DNA in design is the thread that invites MillerKnoll. As Hans and Florence once said, “good design is good business.” This guiding principle is even truer today and tomorrow as it was then

The two iconic brands harmonized into one, now known as MillerKnoll, includes brands that each have distinct perspective on design and a full portfolio that supports diverse needs for every project. MillerKnoll’ s ability to better serve customers across the contract furnishing sector, residential trade segment, and retail audience is unmatched.

The MillerKnoll collective has such a powerful and positive influence in the design world. These two iconic brands have brought us offers unique perspectives on design and that combined strength of values, people, and expertise, that these brands design the world we live in.

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The DIRTT Story

DIRTT – Doing It Right This Time – is a custom prefabricated construction company creating unique, sustainable interiors with agile architectural solutions.

Corporate Environments’ partnership with DIRTT allows us the opportunity to respond to the specific needs of any interior environment – aesthetically and functionally at a cost, quality and speed impossible to achieve by the conventional construction process.


Custom, Responsive Design
With DIRTT, custom is standard. Our team utilizes the unprecedented technological power of DIRTT’s ICE software to design and create custom solutions that mirror the needs for each client. ICE is an intuitive software platform that is loaded full of DIRTT’s product information. ICE understands that as your designer draws a line, it is a wall, embedded with product knowledge, all the way to the pieces required to build that wall. As the designer makes changes to the design, ICE updates everything impacted by the change including the pricing and parts list. Simultaneously, ICE is creating renderings and interactive product fly-throughs during every step of the design.

ICE alleviates guesswork and error through its intuitive design. Everything drawn in ICE can be built by DIRTT and everything seen in a drawing is what is ordered and created. This means no order entry error or missed parts in the factory.

Speed, Rapid Construction
A DIRTT solution allows the construction process to be compressed from design to installation. Like exterior prefabricated construction, DIRTT offers the same speed and certainty to interior projects. Factory production runs simultaneously without relying on several specialty trades finishing before work can begin. DIRTT solutions offer integration of power, data and technology built on plug and play configuration – relieving the task of finding and scheduling skilled, specialty trade workers. DIRTT is designed to install faster, easier and cleaner than conventional construction. Typical build-outs that may have taken weeks can be reduced to just a few days with the adoption of DIRTT’s rapid agile construction and the help of the Corporate Environments team.

DIRTT is an environmental solution that is focused on creating a more sustainable earth with regards to the construction industry. Everything DIRTT does is devoted to the environment. DIRTT solutions help reduce waste from the very beginning to the final installation. From marketing materials to production, DIRTT reduces waste wherever possible. Since all solutions are created for each client, there is less material waste as compared to conventional construction. DIRTT emphasizes that being more environmentally sustainable does not cost clients more but can actually improve their own efficiencies.

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