"Corporate Environments helped provide a superior construction solution to our needs."

We believe prefabricated construction is revolutionizing the built environment and we have created a dedicated architectural products team from designers to project managers to partner with you throughout the entire process. One of our core values at Corporate Environments is to enrich--meaning we strive to leave environments better than we find them. DIRTT solutions help us to provide an enriching solution for our clients with a sustainable construction approach.

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Conventional construction creates excessive waste and is costly and time consuming because materials cannot be retrofitted or reused when renovating, remodeling or changing locations. Custom millwork and other unique design features are often tremendously expensive and require specialists and integration with other modes of installation. With conventional construction, altering power and data sources means tear downs and repairs. Simply put, the biggest problem with construction is that once it’s built, it’s built.


DIRTT makes it possible to affordably manufacture individualized spaces by creating customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. Custom is standard with DIRTT; from the most basic installation to one-of-a-kind spaces featuring phenomenal millwork and prefabricated walls, DIRTT makes everything a possibility. One of DIRTT’s most compelling features is that it can be moved, adapted and reconfigured for reuse when renovating spaces or moving to new locations entirely. This agile flexibility and customizability makes DIRTT a sustainable investment.


Construction is the last industry of bringing raw materials to the end-user and building something from scratch. In the past this resulted in craftsmanship that would last for centuries. Today this method of construction typically results in finding a solution that is the least expensive and often lacks the level of craftsmanship of days past. DIRTT is revolutionizing the construction industry with their solutions for prefabricated interior construction.