"Durable product solutions designed to meet the needs of today's healthcare facilities."

We understand that your space should be a reflection of your own unique needs. We strive to help doctors, nurses and clinicians care and heal for their patients better while enhancing the overall environment. Relying on our experience and industry research, our team provides insight and solutions to help our healthcare clients focus less on creating an environment and more on what they do best; provide care.

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The healthcare environment has a specific set of challenges. The obvious one is durability: solutions must be able to withstand heavy use, frequent cleaning and sanitizing and be able to last under these conditions. However, some of the most important challenges in these environments are the less obvious ones: adaptability and comfort. Healthcare spaces are often ever changing multi-use environments that uniquely combine functionality for the caregiver and comfort for the patient and his or her loved ones.


We offer product solutions that are designed to meet the durability requirements of the healthcare environment while also being attractive and adaptable. Knoll and DIRTT have been providing successful solutions and have extensive experience working specifically with healthcare organizations. Our manufacturers excel in providing solutions offering a wide range of functionality and ideally suited for multi-use environments. We feel a successful healthcare environment is one that combines efficiency with a welcoming atmosphere for the patient.

Latest Healthcare Research

Research conducted and published in white papers demonstrates how to improve healthcare environments through ergonomic considerations and new planning scenarios. Our research addresses how client organizations can create a furniture solution capable of increasing attraction, retention and engagement while simultaneously fostering employee health and productivity.