Building a healthcare environment comes with its own unique set of challenges. Often times, those challenges require extra care and attention to support the planning needs of your hospital or medical facility.

Our task is to help you configure healthcare and rapid deployment spaces that not only allow clinicians to do their jobs but also to ensure that their patients and loved ones heal better in any climate.

What was once very institutional and clinical in design, today’s healthcare environments are more biophilic, taking on a wellness driven design approach and the designers who are tasked with planning healthcare environments are being challenged to reinvent the way these spaces promote wellness and engagement through the proper furniture and safe surface solutions.

By partnering with many of the nation’s leading healthcare brands like DIRTT, Carolina Healthcare, Global and Kwalu, we provide insights and offer solutions for healthcare clients so they can focus less on creating an environment and more on what they do best; provide exceptional medical care.

Kwalu Healthcare Solution

Kwalu Healthcare Solution

OFS Healthcare Waiting Solutions

OFS Healthcare Solution

OFS Healthcare Solution

Healthcare + Medical Office Furniture

No matter the scope of your healthcare furniture needs, we have the capability to provide medical office furniture for a variety of spaces. From hospital furniture, to behavioral health units, senior living facilities and more, we have the products that are ideal for any clinical, multi-use environment. Our lines of healthcare furniture span the capacity to furnish any reception area, lobby or waiting room, patient, treatment or exam room, nurse’s stations, administrative workstations, private offices, café spaces, and locker or other storage solutions as necessary.

Understanding that wellness encompasses the experience from entry to discharge for all guests, we feel a successfully furnished healthcare environment is one that combines efficiency with a welcoming atmosphere for patients and visitors, alike. We’ll leverage our resources to help you build a space that promotes healing, incentivizes healthy behaviors, and balances great form along with all of the proper functions for your team.

DIRTT Walls, Doors, Millwork + Rapid Care Deployment

With our DIRTT manufactured construction approach, we can reduce your initial construction waste, tighten your construction schedule, and ensure cost certainty. Have a need for healthcare rapid deployment? We’re able to create a healthcare environment that will allow you to respond to the changing needs for flexibility and accessibility within your medical facility, reducing costs and schedules throughout the building life cycle, all while promoting safer site conditions and precise quality standards.

We also offer the ability to create custom spaces with our prefabricated DIRTT walls, headwalls, doors, millwork, visual graphics, writable surfaces, and embedded technology — not to mention med-gasses that are pre-installed and tested at the factory. What’s best is that it’s all sustainable, meets your green building needs and it’s unmatched by any conventional construction method out there. Plus, working with us allows you to streamline your interior construction with DIRTT + healthcare furniture needs, all in one place.

Products That Last Longer

Medical office furniture that chips or scratches easily are more susceptible to accumulate bacteria and microorganisms that can live on the surface for extended periods of time. Healthcare furniture that is durable, easy to maintain and repair will further decrease the likelihood of cross contamination in hospitals and medical facilities.

By identifying products that are specifically designed with your daily challenges in mind, our aim is to find solutions that also offer the longest product lifecycle and decreased maintenance costs so your healthcare environment can continue operating  with full functionality and minimal interruptions.

Logistics + Project Management

Quality products and services are at the very core of our business and the client experience is the key measure of our success. To alleviate any disruption in facilities involvement and increase the time you spend providing care, aligning yourself with the appropriate design, project management and logistics team can help bring caregiving back to the forefront of your priorities, resulting in even more positive patient experiences for your staff.

Our designers will give you sound advice on the proper products and functionality, while our client services team helps facilitate the order and shipping process with manufacturers, and finally, our project management team will work with installers to help take that plan and turn it all into a reality on site.

Considering the sensitive nature of working in any healthcare environment, our team will take any necessary precaution and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (or PPE) to insure a safer work environment for all staff.

Pre-Construction Healthcare Planning

Moving into or building a new hospital or medical office? early adapting with DIRTT allows you to maximize on your healthcare space, pinpointing opportunities within the building’s core and framework that will make your healthcare environment function more efficiently than possible with conventional construction methods. We do this by using intelligent fiber optic technology that enables us to provide value engineering and constructability guidance, working directly with your architect and general contractor through the entire design process. The architect will lead the design intent and our DIRTT team will integrate their vision into our 3D imaging ICE software to walk through the blueprint in real-time.

Using ICE tech to see a live, virtual tour of your space will help your team make more intuitive and informed design decisions that support the overarching goals of your project, while giving us the chance to provide solutions that exceed the expectations of your original design plan. This process allows long-term adaptability for your healthcare space and cuts, potentially, an entire two months out of the construction schedule, on average. Whether you’re renovating a pre-existing space or building from the ground up, DIRTT’s medical wall components are built to respond to any healthcare environment.  Through the use of effective design elements that are already built into our DIRTT modular wall systems, we can help reduce the number of touchpoints within your medical space and increase the amount of wipeable surfaces in your healthcare environment. We also offer flexible hanging options for your medical technology and accessories that clears floor space –making it easier for healthcare workers to navigate with less restriction.

Having worked with over 1500 unique healthcare clients, DIRTT focuses on patient-centered design that revolves around interactivity and increased efficiency. Working together from the pre-construction planning phases through design implementation grants you access to a healthcare facility that is easier to maintain overtime, reduces noise and lengthy construction schedules, and provides a modern solution that’s intuitive for patients and staff.

Healthcare Markets We Serve:

Hospitals + Inpatient Care Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

Assisted + Independent Living

Memory Care Facilities

Short + Long Term Rehab

Medical Offices

Clinics + Urgent Care Facilities

Behavioral Health Units

Healthcare Products We Carry:

Reception Desks

Lounge Seating



Recliners + Sleepers

Storage + Lockers

DIRTT Headwalls + Patient Rooms

Modular Seating + Millwork

Cafe Furniture

Outdoor Furniture


Healthcare environmental research conducted and published in blogs and white papers demonstrate how you can improve your medical space through ergonomic considerations and new, changing planning scenarios. This research addresses how client organizations can procure the appropriate medical office furniture or DIRTT wall and millwork solutions capable of increasing attraction, retention, and engagement while simultaneously fostering better health and productivity in your medical space.

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