Improve How You Build

Improve How You Build

May 24, 2016

The Benefits of Architectural Solutions

Any General Contractor knows that commercial installations can have potential pitfalls. Schedule delays, extensive clean-up and waste, noise and disruption and lengthy periods of restricted access to work spaces, hampering productivity. These items increase the cost to the client, can leave room for error and can even result in costly change orders. With factors like these, considering pre-fabricated architectural solutions is an increasingly attractive prospect.

DIRTT, which stands for Doing It Right This Time, is the leader in custom prefab modular interior construction products. DIRTT offers a unique alternative to traditional construction that comes with a wide array of benefits, endless possibilities and offers final solutions that are uniquely engineered to your needs and designed for adaptability and future reuse. The primary advantages of choosing DIRTT versus traditional construction are varied and appealing.


Traditional construction can be disruptive, dusty, cluttered, noisy, time-consuming and can keep your space entirely off limits throughout the process. All of these factors again come into play for maintenance, updates and reconfigurations.

With construction solutions from DIRTT, the components are built to your exact specifications and arrive at the job-site already finished, tested, inspected and ready for installation. Elements such as plumbing and modular power are pre-installed, meaning no alteration of materials on-site. This dramatically reduces dust, debris, schedule delays and the space needed to house materials and tools.

Schedule is the key driver for any installation. Adhering to the project timeline is the top priority of DIRTT factory-certified installers. They are trained to complete installations quickly and thoroughly, without leaving a mess or making alterations, adding no additional time to the project schedule. With the minimal space and mess of installing DIRTT, other trades can come in and work simultaneously without waiting for phases to be completed or for areas to be cleared of equipment and clutter.


Eliminating potentially unforeseen factors like the additional waste and installation time that can accompany conventional construction means that costs are reduced for all phases of the project and pricing quotations are more accurate. Rapid and precise manufacturing and efficient installation create cost savings at every phase of the project.

Conventional construction typically uses 30% of the budget for materials while the remaining 70% goes towards labor, contingencies, fees and conditions. The spending model is reversed for DIRTT. 70% of your budget goes towards higher quality, better engineered materials and solutions while only 30% goes towards labor. More of your budget goes directly towards the quality of your new highly functional space, which will continue to be adaptable in future updates and applications.

Change truly is the only constant, especially as technology continues to evolve with a stunning mere 18-month technology lifecycle before updated products hit the market. With this in mind, architectural solutions are a wise choice for managing your current and future spacial needs. DIRTT can be reused and reconfigured to incorporate new technology or when adjusting layout. The reduced downtime and labor expense compared with conventional construction means that updates are minimally disruptive and extremely cost effective.


DIRTT practices ethical procurement strategies which, combined with controlled manufacturing facilities, guarantee that you are getting the highest quality materials for your space. Architectural solutions are designed to meet international building codes and are vigorously tested and inspected for consistency, quality and performance before arriving to the jobsite.

DIRTT is extremely conscious of sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Their commitment to integrity applies to their supplier relationships and procurement strategies. Any suppliers must meet rigorous standards regarding their materials, product tolerances and even their working conditions. DIRTT solutions are produced in factories with the highest-grade materials and are pre-engineered to precisely fit your space and needs, delivering a tremendous level of craftsmanship to your space.


Pre-fabricated architectural solutions are a huge advantage for green building initiatives. DIRTT in particular has extensive experience with helping clients achieve their environmental goals. With architectural solutions, meeting stringent certification requirements, future-proofing space and minimizing waste are realistic and achievable. DIRTT’s approach and solutions dovetail with numerous green building standards; DIRTT can assist with identifying which programs are most applicable to your project, as well as help target specific program requirements. In North America, DIRTT has successfully completed hundreds of LEED and other green building projects.

In short, if solid cost estimates, strict adherence to budget and project timeline, quality materials, sound future investment, environmental responsibility or all of the above are important for your project, considering architectural solutions is a sound undertaking. The unparalleled consultative approach to your unique current and future needs, the outstanding design of the high-quality engineered solutions and the efficient, rapid installation are far beyond the standard set by conventional construction.


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