"Education is the foundation of our future and we strive to help our education partners create inspiring environments."

Utilizing our expertise, our team works closely with our clients to help find the best solution to inspire a welcoming, comfortable environment that encourages focus as well as collaboration. The goal for us is to help create a space that supports students and faculty to think both critically and creatively.

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Education environments must be durable and withstand heavy use but they must also inspire and stimulate learning. Among these considerations, there is often the complexity of planning for inevitable change and the need for products to be adaptable in multipurpose environments. Especially in education, space is of vital importance and every square foot must be put to use. Additionally challenging are the many varied areas in education environments like libraries, residence halls, classrooms and laboratories, to name a few. An institution’s culture and rich history are always reflected in these spaces and environments that promote learning and inspire thought and creativity are crucial in attracting and retaining students and faculty.


Our manufacturers offer a vast array of the latest products for collaborative, multi-use spaces, ideal for libraries and residence halls, or solutions that are more specifically suited for focused work applications like laboratories and active learning classrooms. We understand that the education environment is a particular blend of casual and formal, impromptu and planned, open and enclosed and collaborative and private. Successful education environments are those that create effective learning spaces, grow enrollments, foster collaboration and project the institution’s unique heritage and identity.

Latest Education Research

White papers and case studies help us to share industry research and real-life solutions to our clients. In this ever-changing world, the way people interact changes on a daily basis. Our goal is to keep up with the latest trends and data to ensure your investment will stand the test of time.