Healthcare Design for Durability, Flexibility and Aesthetic

How Prefabricated Architectural Solutions Rise to Meet the Challenging Demands of the Healthcare Industry Interior design for healthcare is filled with unique considerations: durability because of the hard use in areas that host patients around the clock, flexibility to address a wide range of functionality and equipment, and aesthetics to promote efficiency and the comfort...

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Civic Collaboration for Community Good

Explore how Civic Hall used a flexible coworking approach to design a work-and-community space dedicated to civic technology.   Coworking spaces are truly taking off, as they offer many advantages to organizations that seek to foster collaboration and go beyond the boundaries of traditional office environments. This trend is influencing government/municipal projects as well. Civic...

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NeoCon 2017 Recap

Our Top Stand-Outs Even before it began, NeoCon 2017 was primed to raise the bar, with the amount of end users and key decision makers attending the event now comprising 20% of the audience. There were more Best of NeoCon submissions than ever before with a staggering 425 entries. A significant portion of the million...

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Communicating Workplace Change

Comprehensive Communication Plans Accelerate Acceptance of Change Launching an internal workplace transformation campaign can be a daunting task. There are still so many unknowns in the project itself, so many decisions to be made and some potential pitfall areas; it can be hard to know what to even communicate to the rest of the organization....

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Reducing the Sedentary Work Day

We’ve all heard it: “sitting is the new smoking!” Such bombastic statements can lead to skepticism and assumptions of sensationalist claims backed by little research. But the numbers are in. And while your desk won’t give you cancer, there are genuine health problems linked with leading a sedentary lifestyle. Consider your day. You sleep (hopefully...

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What to Look for in an Office Space

The Do’s and Don’ts Moving or renovating existing office space in the commercial world is almost always the after effect of an organization’s need for change. Both present many logistical challenges and can often be a daunting prospect but by keeping your company’s objectives clear, the overall process defined and the goals for how to...

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Well-Being in the Workplace

The workplace is where individuals spend a majority of their time during the week. Today’s workforce is looking for employers that offer a holistic sense of well-being to their employees. This sense of well-being is made up of several components: physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization. In prior years well-being was often looked at simply...

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Corporate Environments Named Top 10 Women-Owned Firm

The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently named Corporate Environments one of the Top 10 largest women-owned firms in Georgia. Among many submissions Corporate Environments rose to the #10 spot – up from last year’s rank of #14. Each year the Atlanta Business Chronicle highlights companies in various categories, which is culminated in its annual publication the...

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Annual Block Party Highlights

Last week we hosted our annual Block Party with our clients, colleagues and industry partners.  We had a blast sharing the latest introductions and designs from NeoCon.  Our hope is that we were able to provide an inviting atmosphere and to help inspire future projects. There were many highlights and favorites from the bacon and...

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Corporate Environments Honored as Top Workplace

Corporate Environments was honored to be featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s recent publication of the top workplaces in Atlanta. Among 1,420 organizations nominated, Corporate Environments was named one of the top 150 workplaces. Each year the Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes the top workplaces list which is determined by employee feedback. Employees are surveyed by a third...

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