Building with DIRTT: A Colossal Experience

April 1, 2015


DIRTT released an exciting new video that details Mammoet’s client experience while working with DIRTT to plan, design and install their new Eastern North American Office. Mammoet is a fascinating company that specializes in moving gigantic structures, equipment, materials – you name it, they can move it. Needless to say, their high engineering standards demanded no less than the very best engineered solution for their office space.

Mammoet’s unique challenge is rooted in the global and team-driven nature of their work. Project teams are constantly on the move around the world and Mammoet’s new office needed to quickly accommodate these personnel without leaving the space in a continual state of flux. Selecting DIRTT meant not only designing a flexible office space but also doing it fast.

The leadership at Mammoet has vast experience in the construction world, as much of their business revolves around transporting massive equipment and materials and assembling colossal structures. They were truly impressed with DIRTT’s agile design process which allowed them to watch, influence and visually share with stakeholders the design of their space via DIRTT’s proprietary ICE® software. The ease of technology and power integration and the speed and efficiency of their installation were additional key factors that contributed to Mammoet’s satisfaction with their choice of DIRTT over conventional construction.

This video serves as an excellent reminder that DIRTT is much more than the materials used to build out a space; it’s an entire experience, from the highly customized design process to industry-leading installation time. The praise for DIRTT from Mammoet’s leadership and their knowledgeable evaluation of the advantages of DIRTT over traditional construction serve as a compelling testament to DIRTT’s efficiency and excellence.

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