After install, what’s next?

After install, what’s next?

January 26, 2023

It’s 2023, and after months of going back and forth with contractors, designers, and dealers, your newly renovated office space is set and ready to accommodate your employees. Since the pandemic, the entire office has had the luxury of working remotely, but everyone is now eager to get back into the office to socialize with their colleagues. Walking in on the first day in the new office, the smell of new furniture and the sight of fresh paint fills the space. Something has changed. You can’t put your finger on what it is. Then it hits you as you find yourself walking through the space and seeing employees collaborating and having conversations. The office fills with conversations, excitement, and motivation.

Organizations refresh, move, or rebrand their workspace every day, and with that comes a high investment of money and time. During the first part of the year, it is common for organizations to reevaluate their space and reconfigure all or slightly tweak where needed. Regardless of the magnitude of space change, our Day 2 Service Program helps your organization manage the upkeep of your interior furnishings, ensuring your products last longer and that your workspace continues to perform at its very best.

Chip Allen, Director of Sales, describes the Day 2 Services Program as “a constellation of solutions” for the client. Not only does Corporate Environments assist in planning and installing the new space, but we are experts in maintaining your investment after the project is completed. The Day 2 Service Program answers the following questions:

  • Project Managementis internal business keeping you from an efficient transition?
  • Project Designis your office furniture selection preventing employees from staying productive?
  • Installationneed help building your systems workstations?
  • Reconfigurations- going through daily internal moves of people and furniture?
  • Relocationsis your organization considering moving to a new location?
  • Warehousing- is that excess inventory taking up space in the employee resource area?
  • Warranty- is that new height adjustable executive desk having mechanism issues?
  • Reupholsteris that soft seating in your lobby showing its age with worn spots, tears, or stains?
  • Wood Furniture Repair- have several of your Knoll Islands Collection tables received gouges over time?
  • Decommission & Liquidation- what do you do with existing furniture?

Just like most physical things, commercial furniture depreciates over time. Furniture is an investment, an investment that is typically replaced every 7-10 years. CE’s Day 2 Services can provide a liquidation option that may reduce the cost of knockdown and removal, and in some cases, pay you directly for your used furniture.

The relationship and support you enjoyed during the project phase continue even after everything has been installed. It can begin immediately after installation. From prior experience, we’ve seen the work model change in a blink of an eye. As we all faced during the pandemic, transitioning to working from home has become a new offering employers now implement in their work model. Some organizations are 100% remote, while others use a hybrid model. As an organization, having a workspace that can be flexible and accommodating as it changes is vital to your continued growth. Every organization needs the same things to function smoothly. First, the ability to adapt quickly to change. Next, concentrating on your core business initiatives. How can you accomplish both with ease? By reducing the time spent on managing furniture changes/installations. With a comprehensive range of workspace solutions, Day 2 Service Programs are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your unmatched service continues, even after your installation.

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