A minimal profile that REFLECTS your vision

A minimal profile that REFLECTS your vision

May 31, 2022


If you have ever visited your grandparents or older family member’s household, you probably will notice a significant difference in how their space is designed and decorated compared to your own place. It started out with wooden panels in the renaissance apartments to the funky and abstract furniture in postmodern style homes.

In today’s times, architects and designers are looking for a different design aesthetic that is cleaner, sustainable, and simpler. Modern architecture allows for any architect or designer to be more creative and produce work that is client centric.

DIRTT which stands for Doing It Right This Time, is the leader in custom prefab modular interior construction products. DIRTT offers a unique alternative to traditional construction that comes with a wide array of benefits, endless possibilities, and offers final solutions that are engineered to your needs and designed for your adaptability and feature recuse. The primary advantages of choosing DIRTT versus traditional construction are varied and appealing.

According to EasyRender.com, “From smaller and simpler living spaces to building energy-efficient homes, modern architecture is now concerned with solving the most urgent global problems and still helps homeowners and property managers save the environments by preserving their natural habitat.” (EasyRender.com)

As architecture has evolved over time, DIRTT formed a new wall product, Reflect, that is timeless and designed to grow with your business. You will see campaigns on social media, websites, and emails aiming to drive more awareness about Reflect. The hope is to get architects and designers in the loop with this new line of product that is designed to help elevate any space. The new Reflect product is known to be the “slimmest and sleekest line yet” (DIRTT.com).

Reflect will spark conversation and curiosity between architects, designers, and clients which will help spark interest around DIRTT solutions as a whole. A highly targeted campaign has been released for one of DIRTT’s newest wall solutions called Reflect. This product is one of the industry leading wall solutions in aesthetics, speed, and quality, targeting commercially focused architects + designers across the US. The exposure that this new campaign will deliver will be a driving force in a successful new product that architects and designers can use to translate their client’s vision of interior space into reality.

Alyssa Ritsema-Johnson explains, “Our goal for this campaign centers around driving awareness and interest towards our glass walls offering, increasing specification within the A+D community” Johnson said.

Corporate Environments has created a long-lasting parentship with DIRTT which allows us the opportunity to respond to the specific needs of any interior environment. Our team of Architectural solutions experts can create designs  aesthetically and functionally at a cost, quality, and speed impossible to achieve by the conventional construction process. Our talented team of designers works closely with you to create a well-designed space.

What is Reflect and what does this product offer?  

Reflect is a sleek minimalist wall system with a flawless, transparent visual esthetic unmatched by any other DIRTT interior. Clear poly carbonate glass connections between the glass walls panels furthers this seamless look and feel. A unique leveling system both allows Reflect to maintain this smooth look and contend with uneven flooring.

Reflect is a fully customizable, stick built installation. The walls are not assembled using pre-built frames but through construction with the individual components on site.

This solution removes the base, floor track, and ceiling track. It replaces them with header and base rails to support Reflect’s minimalist design. Reflect also removes most verticals within an elevation to further its sleek aesthetic. Below are some the detailed characteristics of Reflect.

Whether you are a business owner, architect, or a designer, you know a well-designed environment helps drive intentional engagement and collaboration between people. With Reflect, you will be able to create your desired space and your employees will deliver their best work.


Reflect walls are designed and built within the DIRTT construction system, backed by 15 years of excellence in manufactured construction. Your vision is integrated into DIRTT’s proprietary software and precision manufactured before arriving on site. And with a solution driven by technology, there are no surprise price changes.


Reflect’s design enables the glass to support itself. With no need for vertical frames, you can create extended lengths of glass without obstructing line of sight. Transparent polycarbonate extrusions and mitered glass intersections create seamless corners and connections, letting light fully permeate your space.

The celling connection is a slim profile, too, allowing for clean lines wherever you need it. And to maintain a seamless look, Reflect also uses a transparent connection between the glass. This reduces the number of vertical supports your need, so you don’t have to let anything get in the way of your vision.


Go from low profile to no profile. Combining Reflect with DIRTTS’s access floor allows you to hide the base rail altogether. Reflects’ profile is so minimal the leveling system fits below the access panels allowing a seamless connection between the glass and the floor.

Reflect has ability to be tailored to people who are looking for a slim and sleek design to help brighten and be a more inviting space for your peers. This line adds another option in the designing process of your corporate office or any space that is customized to you.


Reflect glass walls are assembled on-site where they conform to the exact site conditions of your building. Connect to wall starts and celling bulkheads without the need for PVC trim. And with the ability to adjust leveling up and down, uneven floors and a slim line wall solution can be together at last.


As part as the DIRTT ecosystem, Reflect is designed in proprietary software that leads into precise manufacturing. The process means glass can be sourced locally without the risk of incompatibility, reducing shipping costs and environmental impacts. Further, aluminum used in all DIRTT solutions contains recycled content. Your DIRTT team can work with you to evaluate applicable green building credits.

Reflect’s features are like no other product DIRTT carries. This product is unique in every minute detail and fully customizable to satisfy clients’ needs. What separates this product from any other prefab construction is the range of unique features that it offers:

  • Low-profile header rial and base rail
  • Innovative leveling system
  • Stick-built installation
  • Transparent glass connections
  • Wall start to base of building
  • In-line, 90 degrees corners, and 3-way corner cinching
  • Designed to eliminate the need for vertical supports that obstruct your view

The Reflect solution design uses both minimalist horizontal and vertical rails, and innovative, integrated components provide a seamless transparent walls and doors.

Using DIRTT’s Reflect glass walls, will allow natural light to open and brighten up interior space. Want to learn more about how Reflect is the best option for your new space? Contact your local designer, DIRTT rep, or architect to see how you can transform your space to the most inviting workplace that will attract and retain topnotch talent.

  • Base height of only 1^3/4” (44mm)
  • More than 60% thinner than DIRTT’s glass walls
  • Innovative leveling system works in more places with uneven floors
  • Ceiling connections easily attach to the bulkhead without need for PVC trim
  • Transparent polycarbonate glass connections reduce the number of vertical supports
  • Doors available with framed and frameless (shown) openings
  • Optional frameless glass barn doors with hidden hardware track

Want to learn everything about this system from the ground up? Click this link to watch a DIRTT professional explain the facts about DIRTT’s Reflect product:

Reflect™ by DIRTT – YouTube

Who is the ideal user of this product?

This product is specifically designed for architects and designers who value clean design with slim lines and a refined aesthetic, going beyond the limits of conventional construction. Designers and Architects can now recommend Reflect to their clients as an option for their space.

“Reflect’s solution approach is a great low-profile minimalist aesthetic and requires no ceiling trim and hidden interval levelers,” Stacy Robinson, Architectural Solutions Sales Executive said. “The Reflect solution is a great value-engineered cost option with, a 4–6-week lead-time and the A&D community loves its slim design.”

Prefab (DIRTT) VS. Traditional Construction

As we all know, technology has rapidly evolved and has taken over the construction and engineering industries. With the rise in technology-based solutions, it has brought new changes in the designing process and building methods. These changes have made a positive impact on the design community where technology has created a new and improved way for teams to build trust among customers and improve quality assurance.

Traditional construction is what many of us think of when we think of going to a construction job site or a construction zone. Traditional construction has been known to be built onsite from ground up which historically has been defined as a slow process.

Traditional construction can have potential pitfalls such as schedule delays, extensive clean-up and waste, noise and disruption, and lengthy periods of restricted access to workspaces, hindering productivity.

Prefabricated construction is one of the most efficient ways to reduce building costs and labor shortages because the structural components are built and created at the manufacturing site and transferred to the jobsite ready for installation.

Prefab construction designs may be more limited, but modular builds incorporate modern, forward-thinking design aesthetics that are more appealing to newer clients.

Differences associated with prefab vs traditional construction would constitute as the construction speed, design, seasonality. Prefab constructions produce the majority of build components indoor and offer higher quality builds.

Who is DIRTT?


With DIRTT, every order is custom and designed to the mirror exactly what the client envisions for their space.


DIRTT is an environmental solution that is focused on creating a more sustainable earth with regards to the construction industry. Everything DIRTT does is devoted to the environment. DIRTT solutions help reduce waste from the very beginning to the final installation. From marketing materials to production, DIRTT reduces waste wherever possible. Since all solutions are created for the client, there is less material waste as compared to conventional construction. DIRTT emphasizes that being more environmentally sustainable does not cost clients more but can improve their own experiences.


“DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We’re changing the face of construction with industry leading software and advanced manufacturing. Complete interior spaces are built faster, cleaner, and clearer.” (DIRTT.com)

A DIRTT solution allows the construction process to be compressed from design to installation. Like exterior prefabricated construction, DIRTT brings the same speed and certainty to interior projects. Factory production runs simultaneously without relying on several specificity trades finishing before work can begin. DIRTT solutions offer integration of power, data and technology built on plug and play configuration – relieving the task of finding and scheduling skilled, specialty trade workers.


The Reflect system has short lead times, sleek lines, and the performance to deliver 10-foot glass walls with no vertical obstructions. And having the hardware and glazing handled by the same team helps ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. Using DIRTT’S Reflect glass walls, will allow natural light to open and brighten up interior space.

In summary, Reflect promises a minimalist look to create an inviting and desired place to be. Reflect helps keep your environment in sync with your aesthetic, designed specifically to your vision. If you want to learn how Reflect is the best option to enhance your space, contact your local designer, DIRTT rep, or architect to see how you can transform your space to an inviting and innovative workplace that will attract and retain topnotch talent for your organization.

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