Architectural Solutions

“New materials and techniques have given us great opportunities.”

—Eero Saarinen

The Why

We believe custom solutions offer compelling advantages.

Prefabricated interior construction has become an innovative solution embraced by healthcare, education, government and corporate clients. This relatively new method of creating space presents alternatives that are impactful in so many positive ways, including efficient construction, embedded technology, ease of change and a more sustainable approach to building--just to name a few. These opportunities offer real savings to our clients in time, energy and materials. Our architectural solutions team partners with DIRTT Environmental Solutions and others to provide product expertise, state-of-the-art designs and effective project management.

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Custom is standard


Reduces waste and environmental impact


Faster, greener and more efficient way to build

The Power

The Power

+  Custom is standard

+  Reduces waste and environmental impact

+  Faster, greener and more efficient way to build